[Excel Exploit-As-A-Service] Anyone offer this service? | Need it urgently

As the subject implies,
i want to know if anyone overs Excel silent exploit as a service, with an ability to remotely install keylogger and or remotely access the victim computer.

if anyone offer this as a service, i will appreciate.

Background story:

One of my friend business partner did scammed him of late, besides, he took over their joint business and ran off. The guy has been down.
In order to help him at least recover even at least their joint Mega.nz account they owned before the guy bolt off, i  thought connecting that guy via chat and sent him an excel file, and if on click will remotely execute the RAT and have some access to his PC and also explore to get access to what my friend looking for.

I will appreciate if anyone offer this and while like to make this work. Please i am noob in this but i have an overview idea.

If you’d like to offer this service please PM me right away.


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