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The 360-Degree Selfie technology is one of dream project in the world of photography and the images made by cameras with this technology are opening a new era in photography and changing the way people share stories and the moments of their life. This innovation is available to the general public, at relatively low prices, and proved to be extremely popular among the journalists from around the globe, enabling them to produce spherical photos and footage that document anything and also The camera proved very efficient in the field of medicine, enabling students to perform surgeries assisted by the device, at the same time following the instructions of the surgeon. It is also used in the sports field, as it enables coaches to accurately monitor the moves of the players.As of today, the spherical cameras represent approximately 4% in the worldwide consumer area, knowing a significant boost compared to 2016, when the figure showed only 1%.

——————————————–MECHANISM———————————————— These cameras have two or three lenses each facing a differing direction; the 360 photos are created by stitching the images captured by each individual lens to create a full 360° image.Using automatic software, a 360-degree camera can stitch each side of the image together to create a full 360° image that will look like this. ————————–Why would you use 360° photos?————————————– 360-degree photos present an opportunity for people to capture entire rooms, landscapes, and scenes in a single shot. Imagine the difference between photographing a beach using a normal camera compared to photographing the same beach with a 360-degree camera. A normal camera is limited to capturing the space where you point viewfinder, roughly 90° or so. The 360 camera will capture the whole scene, allow you to look up at the sky, behind at the sand dunes and forward towards the ocean, all in one seamless image. You’ve probably used google street view to explore different places around the world, a 360 photo can be viewed exactly the same way. In fact, businesses have used 360 photography to create internal immersive tours of their properties for years. If you want you can even upload your 360 photos to google where other people can view them on street view.

360° Cameras—– 360 cameras aimed at everyday people who want to take immersive 360 photos. These cameras are user-friendly, priced competitively, and only require a few minutes to learn how to use effectively. You may be wondering if 360 photos require advanced equipment and years of training to produce. A few years ago this may have been the case, but the relentless advance of technology means that taking a 360 photo is just as easy as shooting with a compact camera.

————————–Why 360-degree shooting is hottest trend?———————————– The wraparound images available on Google Street View are already helping travellers research destinations in ever more detail, so much so that some consider 360-degree images a potential threat to travel agents.”The impact on the travel industry is huge as the prospects of improving 360-degree virtual reality technology means that travellers have more ways of being engaged, and being more immersed in the virtual experience.”360-degree storytelling is also being experimented with by broadcasters as a way of showing what it’s really like where the journalist is reporting from.

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