Starting your own business or not ?

Its always a difficult decision to start your business or not ,going with partnership or not ,breaking partnership or not, and etc etc… But if we look into basics and definition of business we will automatically get answers to all our questions, as a scholar once said “every complex answer resides between simple an basics” , but we get hit on our head and stop to think from basics we think from complex point of view, which in return gives us lots of tension. Here we will let you get answers to all your answers from your own mind. Believe me you will answer yourself.

Lets begin our hunt now to get answers to all of your questions. We just need to keep it in mind that where we are and where we stand in field we are moving to , ideally here I want to say that remember your roots ,because its not wealth or help that makes you successful , its all your roots.

The very first answer that comes in once mind when he think to earn more is that he should start his business , but mind does not stop here it starts to ask you more questions such as “ what business will you do ?” , “how many funds and resources do you need ?” ,”where will those funds and resources come from ?” ,” will your family support this decision ?” , “which places will be best to start it and on when to start it ?” And then there is always a final question “ will you succeed in it or not ?” . Suddenly from confidence two earn your mind shit in fear . Before starting I want to tell you that “there is nothing in this world with which you cant do business “.

Business is something that a person does on his own and is the boss he does not have to work under anyone , listen to anyone , follow set of rules for regulations made by someone who does know him and his personality .So if you have an independent approach and you are not comfortable at your workplace even after changing many of them while working hard for years , then its your call to start your business. Most of us fear from starting it because they see that they do not want to take risk and responsibilities , but we should keep in mind that when we were small our parents used go teach us that what you do is mark of your actions and you are responsible for it .So why do we for get it , man move and start your business no matter if u face a downfall , you will learn from it as you lost something in it and will be care full next time as your money, resource and lot is on risk. Then you will be a real person as what you did in your business is yours either it is loss or it is profit which results in that your credit for hardworking is yours , no one can take it from you. The next day when someone ask you what did u do , you can proudly raise you chin and say you did it on your own, no matter how times were ,you fought all alone , and when someone ask who you are , you say I am boss running my world on my terms and conditions.

The very next question which comes to your mind when you decide of doing it , is that “ what business will you do ?“ . Times people think I don’t have anything to deal ,how will I do it , then your basics comes to action . Ask your self and recall your name and say “ who are you , what did you in you life so far , what thing you got different from others. After recalling this question all day and night one statement or word will bang your head saying “ you name you have it in you “ and all of sudden from that answer your mind will be filled with energy . That is where you business mind will start to work. Never be afraid of your answer and remember your first answer is your true answer . Now you may not have money or resources to start it , but you have good mind and courage to start it , don’t be afraid where will investments and market come from , just remember you are the boss and boss is the one who has secret recipe with him and so he is the boss. Make you move into it no business is started big as no tree is born big , with time and courage to stand in hard clock makes your roots get deeper and stronger .

Family always plays a key role in your success so remember to take them in your confidence first and then move out because your family knows you better than anyone in this world so if you take them in confidence that means you can also now take your costumers and market in your confidence . Times its not easy to with family and you have to go against them , but its never to late to take them with you as they will be the one to stand with you in your ups and downs . Then comes you friends they will be the one who will be your free os cost marketing agents , advisory, brand ambassadors and in-fact market also , so don’t forget to take them with you.

There are certain points you should follow to in you business , but no one tells you

Don’t mix you personal and professional life .

Start from what you have earned may it be $10 or $100 , so that you develop habit and never go into debt.

Never straight away start first work in that field under someone , so that you know that goes in the lowermost layer.

Never share you business idea as it is yours , and you got it in you , just you.

Before starting think that why a person will not buy or use you service/ products , and then solve that problem, then think why he will buy .

Never make you contact you early costumers keep looking for new one , as they are always available for you so use them in later hard times.

Be at any work in you firm do it regularly , so that at one time if you don’t get someone for it you don’t have to shut it.

Always manage you contacts and client yourself , keep on giving them visit regularly.

When you product/ service is ready take time and first look for 10 to 15 problems and then improve them , a nothing is perfect in this world.

Never keep your information at one place , keep it distributed physically , and together just in your mind.

Never go for complex and difficult , always keep it simple . Which is also one key to success.

Change yourself daily , and bring that change from today by making you bed when we wake up.

Maintain you standard in front of others and improve your standard daily , but be connected to your roots.

Daily look for 5 new different things related to you business and write them down , then go through them time after time.

Save daily not monthly anything you can .

Always keep 25% of your wealth safe ,till you die, reason you will get to know when you do it .

Look for what others say is not possible or lost, you will find something different from both of much more value.

Always remember the base as if you base is strong , u can stand strong no matter how long and far you go.

Lastly , make promise to yourself to prove it to others who can you cant do it or is not possible.

Every time you prove something you earn something.

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