Reverse Paralysis

Reverse paralysis:- Just try sitting on your hands for a day. That will give y an idea if shattering consequences of spinal cord injury. Simple acts like scratching your nose or touching ur hair or even walking or strolling to our favorite places would become great challenges……
Plus burden of being dependent on someone for our whole life…

According to a research by Dana Revee foundation in 2013, nearly 1 in every 50 people are having paralysis which means approx 5.4 million people are paralyzed.
Paralysis:- a term used for complete loss of strength in affected limbs or muscle group. The situation if complete helplessness, incapability, vulnerability, And incompleteness. When your life a life of complete helpless and dream of normal movement.
But soon a new hope was seen to cure paralysis which was known as ” reverse paralysis ” in which damaged nerve can be regenerated or a spinal cord injury can be reversed by regenerating the damaged cells.
Next step to this development is, wirelessly connecting the brain-reading technology directly to electrical stimulates on a body.
Starting experiments on development if reverse paralysis:-
1. A study carried out in new orleans:- In the annual meeting of the society for neuroscience first discovery to breakthrough paralysis was made.
Stem cells injected into the spinal fluid of newly paralyzed rats and mice can restore movement which opened borders for better treatment for motor neuron disease.
2. Research carried out in University of Florida and University of Cincinnati:-
Implantation of fatal nerve in an injured spinal cord of cats, thus improving their walking ability

While starting experiments were optimistic, challenges still remain. Turning neural prosthetic into something that helps paralyzed people is not easy and technology remain too complex to use outside the laboratory.

Successful breakthrough of technology to treat paralysis:-
Some technology and development are successfully applied today to treat paralysis, as all those hard work in research has finally come to pay out.
1. Doctors inject neural stem cells into spines if paralyzed patient’s yo improve unresponsiveness of body parts.
2. Drug glyburide, generally used to manage diabetes, is being tested now with spinal cord injuries for reducing swelling.
3. Researchers at Rush medical center, University of Southern California injected 10 million embryonic stem cells into the spinal cord of paralyzed individual.
A visible improvement like increased sensation and movement in their arms and hands were seen.
4. Scientists are making remarkable progress at using brain implants to restore the freedom of movement if spinal cord injuries take away.
5. In recent years, lab animals and a few people have controlled a computer cursor or robotic arms with their thoughts, thanks to a brain implant wired machine.
6. Now researchers are taking a significant next step towards reversing paralysis once and for all. They are wirelessly connecting brain reading technology directly to electrical stimulates on the body creating a “neural bypass” so that people’s thought can again move their limbs.

The further development that could take place:-
Soon “Neural bypass’ would help people restore simple movements like picking up a glass of water, which will make a huge difference in their day to day lives.
Broader efforts have to move made to use implanted electronics to restore various senses and abilities.
Besides treating paralysis, scientists hope to use the so-called called neural prosthetic to reverse blindness with chips places in the eye and to restore memories lost due to Alzheimer disease.
Although there have been any setbacks, this field is growing at quite a rapid rate soon paralysis related disease won’t be a problem to mankind in future. Due to efforts of many scientists and people. Who has found the solution to problems of paralysis?

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