MAJOR Indian Hotel Full dump [Fresh India Leads]

I am only going to be sharing a small piece of this leak since it is for sale (sales thread will be linked below PM for details)

Here are the tables included in the leak:Spoiler

accounting.json              gmritem.json

aggregator.json              integratorbooking.json

airportbooking.json          integrator.json

airportparkingcharges.json    irctcbooking.json

bidrule.json                  issue.json

booking.json                  loggingbookingactivity.json

btmetertripdata.json          lostnfound.json

calldetails.json              merchantaccesstoken.json

carcurrentstatus.json        otp.json

carpool.json                  packagerate.json

carsfreeinzone.json          packagescorporateclient.json

cartype.json                  packages.json

carunavailable.json          place.json

citylandmark.json            pushnotification.json

citysuburb.json              rate.json

citywisebidtime.json          reportdefn.json

conveniencecharge.json        reportedissue.json

counter.json                  sapdailyduty.json

custemergencycontact.json    servicecity.json

custfavoriteplace.json        syetemsettings.json

customer.json                taxgroup.json

customerloyaltyprogram.json  tax.json

customerwallet.json          taxrate.json

driverattendance.json        taxtype.json

drivercomplaintregister.json  thirdpartyapisettings.json

driverenrollment.json        thirdpartyerrorlogs.json

driver.json                  tripbiddetails.json

driverschedulededuction.json  tripbidsummary.json

drivertype.json              tripmeterfare.json

driverwalletsummary.json      trippackage.json

driverwallettransaction.json  tripsosalert.json

employee.json                user.json

externalbooking.json          userservicecity.json

feedback.json                zohoaccounts.json

financialyear.json            zohorequests.json

fueltype.json                zohosolutions.jsonPLEASE READ

gmrairportduty.json          zone.json


There are over 200k users, and over 1.5 million bookings details

The dump totals over 8GB and the bookings file itself is almost 4GB 

I will only be sharing portions of some of the best files and these will act as the samples for my sales thread

I am still parsing the data, so PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE UNLOCKING:

Quote:Right now there are ONLY 100 ENTRIES from the users table in this hidden content

Data is in JSON format

I will be adding another 100 entries from the bookings table when the 4gb file loads
I will also be adding 100 entries from some other important sets

This will take some time but if you have already unlocked the content, then you will be able to see the new info as I edit the thread

Please subscribe to the thread so you get alerts when there are new posts, I will post here ITT as I edit/update the thread with more content

[Hidden Content]

If you are interested in purchasing CLICK HERE (thread coming in just a few min) or just PM me, price will be in the ball park of $2,500 USD for just the biggest 2 files or $5,000USD for all of the data (over 7 million records) which include phone numbers names address details IP addresses and so much more but the price IS negotiable (I may be willing to accept $2,750 if you are ready with BTC/XMR right that moment and know that you 100% want this info), again just PM me or see sales thread for further details and we can work out a price. Sales thread with more business details coming soon as mentioned above


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