Installing mullvad with OpenVPN on Arch

(May 25, 2021 at 02:08 PM)InfiniteOnTop Wrote: Just wasnt able to run any vpn on manjaro…

I had some problems with mullvad on Arch but I ended up fixing them with OpenVPN. I might forget something, and this worked for me.
After downloading the config files from the website, I extracted the zip and copied the following files to /etc/openvpn:

  • mullvad_ca.crt
  • mullvad_XX_all.conf  (When XX is the country)
  • mullvad_userpass.txt
  • update-resolv-conf  (There was an error with this file so I had to give permissions with chmod)

I think I installed some extra packages like ‘resolvconf‘ (with sudo pacman -S resolvconf).
After that you can try and run openvpn with the .conf file in your extracted folder with:

openvpn --config /home/USER/folder/mullvad_config_linux/mullvad_XX_all.conf

You can then check if you are connected to mullvad by running:


This was a response to this but I wanted to make a thread in case someone had problems installing it.


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